• Multi-Dimensional Single Cell Measurement Technologies

    A challenge associated with single cell omics methods is to capture quantitative, multiplex information from single cells, while retaining the tissue context of those cells. New programs in the Heath group are focused on addressing this challenge.

  • Protein Catalyzed Capture Agents (PCCs)

    We pioneered a new class of synthetic molecules called protein catalyzed capture agents (PCC) that bind proteins like antibodies but exhibit high stabilities and can be rapidly produced at low costs.

  • Cancer Immunotherapy

    The development of personalized therapies is an outstanding challenge in cancer immunology. Our group is focused on developing technologies to identify and elucidate CD8+ T cells, which are key to o adoptive cell therapies and vaccines.

  • Predicting Cancer Therapy

    We are developing single cell proteomics and single cell metabolomics methods that, when combined with kinetic studies and statistical physics models, can yield effective cancer treatment strategies for individual patients, and can unveil mechanisms of drug response and resistance.